How to place an order?
click on add to cart button. Then go to the Shipping address and put your address and next go to Payment Hit Place an order.
·   Can I cancel a placed order?
Cancel your order before it is shipped.
·   Which platform do you use to ship orders?
All orders Ship with DHL & FedEx and many other courier companies.
·   Can I exchange my order?
Yes, you can exchange your placed order with another product, until your placed order is shipped.
·   In what conditions I can return the order?
return an order if you received the damaged or wrong order.
·   In how many days I can return my order?
You can return the order within 6 days.
·   What payment methods do you accept?
You can use debit card details are fully secure and safe here. You can use PayPal if you don’t have it. You can use any other debit card to pay for your order.
·   Is your website secure?
Yes, we ensure the security of your information. You can buy from us with full confidence. 
·   Do you refund the shipping charges if I return an order?
We will refund it in some circumstances like if your received order is completely damaged or you canceled your order after shipping.
·   Can I track my order?
Your order is sent to you with a tracking number.